Welcome to Redrobot3D!

Hello everyone! I want to welcome you to the new Redrobot3D website! We are currently working on the functionality of the website and the extra cool features will be up soon. The new online store is in development and will be opening with all my current title releases.

So what made me want to go full on with a creative website? I will have to admit that blogspot has serves me well these past couple of years. I’ve gained a sizable audience and loved the feedback and comments that I got on there. However it was little lacking on the professional side of things and felt a lackluster in terms of what I could do with it. It was a great starter site for my brand and an introduction to the community. Now I want to expand what I want to achieve with Redrobot3d.

These are some of the things you can expect from the new Redrobot3D in the coming months:

-Exclusive mini sets

-Pins and character galleries and bios.

-A quick and easy way to purchase my comics!

-Interviews with some of the best 3DX and possibly 2D erotic artists in the business!

-Meet and greet with my staff of amazing writers.

Stay tuned for more as me and my design team put the polishing touches on the site!