The Devil’s Plaything 2-Hellwhore

Hey Crew! I have a brand new release for you! A follow up to 2017’s best selling comic “The Devil’s Plaything”. Now we’re back with part 2, “Hellwhore”!

Redrobot3D Proudly Presents

“The Devil’s Plaything 2: Hellwhore” 

Making a name for yourself in the world of witchcraft is hard enough, but when your rival is Hallow of House Eureka, one must go to unimaginable depths to claim fame and glory. Enter our heroine Celeste, a Sorceress of novice rank. While young and inexperienced, she knows where untold power awaits to be discovered… if only if she can defeat the demon guarding it. 

Calling forth a long forgotten spell, Celeste summons the titular temptress guardian, the famed debauchery loving demoness known as The Hellwhore. This sultry slattern of The Pit however has designs of her own, and though guile, cunning and outright lies each tries to seduce the other to get what they want. NSFW INTENSITFIES!

Will Celeste  be able to keep the demon at bay whilst getting fucked senseless by a demonic dick? Or will she fall under the spell of Satan’s Strumpet and become another of the Devil’s brides? Find out in “The Devil’s Plaything 2-Hellwhore”!

The Devil’s Plaything 2-Hellwhore” is the newest 3DX title from bestselling author Redrobot3D. If you are a fan of supernatural erotica, then this title is for you! Add it to your collection today.  You can pick up this 73 panel PDF at the new Redrobut3d Gumroad store for $9.99 here:

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