The Bitcher-Wild Cunt

Monster hunting can be a dangerous profession. One that doesn’t come with a lot of praise or glory. Often times the one hunting the monsters are no better in the eyes of humanity. It’s a hard way of life with little or no rewards aside from a sack of coins and the occasional warm bed for the night. 

Enter Siri. A lone monster hunter that has a very particular set of skills when it comes to monster slaying. Upon reading a message on the town notice board Siri heads to the local tavern to meet a grieving father. Siri learns that the Innkeeper’s beloved daughter has been cursed with a massive cock, making her an abomination in the eyes of the towns folks. Having walked in on his daughter and his inn maid, the innkeeper banishes her from his home in a fit of anger. However, the poor girl was set upon by a werewolf that had been stalking the town. Now double cursed as both a Futa and a Werewolf, the townspeople are calling for her head! 

The Innkeeper pleads with Siri to find his daughter and lift the curse, or at worst put her out of her misery. Siri takes the job and sets out to find the missing daughter.

Siri tracks her down to an abandoned monastery. However as the full moon approaches, Siri must find a way to lift the curse or find herself at the mercy of a horny futa-werewolf and her massive cock!

The Bitcher-Wild Cunt” is the next brand new fantasy erotica comic from Redrobot3D. Featuring over 90 panels of intense futa-monster action. This title is a great addition to your 3DX library! If you’re a fan of video game parodies, monster sex, futas, and magic then this title is for you. You can pick up this brand new release for $11.99 at my Gumroad shop now!

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