Secretary Seduction 2-The Expansion

Hey folks! Long time no see! How have you all been? Are you surviving this pandemic as safely as you can? I know that I’m starting to get a bit stir crazy being locked in my room so I’ve been super busy producing some new comics for you all! First up we have the sequel to 2018’s lesbian hit “Secretary Seduction“.

“Secretary Seduction 2-The Expansion”

In part one of “Secretary Seduction” Amy met the mysterious Star while at work. Unable to keep Star off her mind, the two of them met up at a nearby hotel for a night of fantastic and frantic female on female fornication. 

Now after the first round of love making, Star decides to give the buxom redhead a go with her massive strap on. Unbeknownst to them something strange and mysterious is about to begin.  

Star discovers that every time Amy has an orgasm, her breasts grow in size! Amazed by the transformation, Star continues to fuck her just to see how much growth Amy can muster! But the magic just isn’t for Amy. Once Star has her first climax, she finds her own titties increase in size! Now these busty beauties battle it out with tantalizing titties to bring each other to orgasm over and over! 

How far can they push their massive melons? Will the magic eventually fade away? Or are they forever blessed with bountiful bosoms? Find out in this breastatular adventure!  

Secretary Seduction 2-The Expansion” is the non official sequel to 2018 best selling 3DX lesbian erotica comic. It was commissioned by a private client that was kind enough to let me share it with all of my viewers and readers.

If you’re a fan of big busty breasts, nipple fucking, fisting, tribbing, and strap on sex then this comic will be right up your alley. Featuring over 90 panels of hard core girl on girl action “Secretary Seduction 2-The Expansion” will be a favorite in your 3DX library. 

Featuring story by fan favorite Scarlet F&F.

To pick up this new comic for only $9.99 just head over to my gumroad store here