Riding Service Escorts-Well Hung Edition

Hey crew! I have a brand new re-release coming in at you with the super extended edition of “Riding Service Escorts-The Well Hung Edition“!

Redrobot3D Proudly Presents

Riding Service Escorts-The Well Hung Edition

“Things have been rather hectic in the business life of executive Esme Fontaine. All work and no play has made this strong and independent woman’s love life a bit on the stale side. Not wanting to hit the bars up, she decides to take a nice bath and ‘order in’ for the night.

Arriving not too long after, escort Lexie Larouge finds a beautiful woman waiting for her in the tube. However things aren’t as they appear as her newest client is packing something a little extra down below!

What happens next is something beyond Lexi’s wildest dreams as she’s drawn into the powerful woman’s equally and impressively package. Will she be able to withstand the 18 inch monster cock as it ravishes her pussy and throat? Will Esme Fontaine be able to break in her newest conquest? Find out in Riding Service Escorts!”

Prepare to read the ultimate edition of the best selling Futa-theme 3DX comic with “Riding Service Escorts-The Well Hung Edition”. This redone version of the original 3DX title combines both the original story as well as the expansion into one giant sized edition with a revamped script, 40 brand new panels, and an exciting preview of part 2! 

I wasn’t too happy how the original story flowed back and forth between the two releases of this title.  That being said I went back in and reordered the original titles and added additional scenes to help flesh out the story. We hope that you will enjoy this title and be proud to have it in your collection. 

Riding Service Escorts-The Well Hung Edition” is the next new title from best selling 3DX artist and creator Redrobot3D. Joining in this project is newcomer erotica writer Ashe Valenti.

You can pick up this 167 panel PDF for $14.99 at my Gumroad here:

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