Redrobot3D presents “Cara Lox:Womb of the Dead”

 Redrobot3D Presents
“Cara Lox: Womb of the Dead”

International relic hunter and explorer Cara Lox is on her latest sexy adventure in this exciting new comic by Redrobot3D and erotica author Barbie Lez.

“Cara Lox has been exploring endlessly across the jungle for the famed long lost tomb of King Magnum Phallus. Having little luck, she pushes onward in hopes of uncovering what the dead king left behind. Not fearing the curse of his undead guardians, La Vivens Mortua, Cara Lox happens across the final resting place of the well-endowed King.
Back at camp she satellite calls her lover to tell him the good news and have a very hot and private session. However as things start to heat up, Cara Lox finds herself surrounded by the guards of the king!
Cara is no match for the undead gang bang that follows and soon finds herself a willing participant in their orgy of lust! Giving into her desires Cara Lox sucks and fucks every last one of them until they’ve had their undead balls drained in,on, and over her.
However this is just the start of Cara’s sexual odyssey as she follows them back to their tomb. Waiting there is the very king she’s been on the hunt for. Will she be able to satisfy the King and escape with her life? Or will she remain and forever be his sexual prize?
Find what happens next in this exciting new comic!”

“Cara Lox: Womb of the Dead” is now available on the Redrobot3D store for $9.99 at

What’s included:
Number of images: 56
Image Size: 1900×1500 dpi
Image Quality: HD
Format: PDF

I want to give a special thanks to the Redrobot3D member that commissioned this project from me off the site. If you are ever looking at getting an original private comic or series done please feel free to contact us here at [email protected]