Redrobot3D June Update

Greetings crew! I hope you’re all staying safe and sound during these hectic times. I care about all of you so please keep an eye out and take care of yourselves. Now with that out of the way let’s take a look at what’s been going on with Redrobot3D.

First up I have to admit that I haven’t been putting in as much time into my 3DX work as I should be. I’ve been busying learning some new skill in Zbrush and even brought some courses so I can FINALLY get a handle on that program. I would like to branch out with my content and start creating original props,costumes, and sets to use in my projects. Also it would open a second revenue stream for me creating original sculptures. As I progress I’ll be posting progress of my skills here for all of you to see.

This month’s new release will be the long delayed but anticipated return of Captain Maia! This is a project that I’ve had underway for a few months now but I’m finally getting it ready for the release. It should be available for purchase by the 16th of the month. Keep an eye out for sure if you like busty pirate adventurers!

Captain Maia is on her way!

In other news I’ve started the Redrobot3D Discord channel! I’ve been posting my images as soon as they’re finished over there. Its a great place to come hang out with fellow 3DX fans and creators. I hope to see more of you over there in the coming weeks. Here’s a link to join up!

That’s it for today. Be sure to stop by the Redrobot3D Store and pick up all my newest books. It means a lot and it helps to support the site, my continuing education and every day essentials. It means a lot to me when you do. Thanks!