November 11th Update

Greetings everyone! Here’s an update at what’s been going on at Redrobot3D this month of November.

I’ve been feeling a bit under the weather this past week and been stuck in bed. Hence my work load has backed up a bit. I have 2 new comics and several new mini sets coming up.

First up my brand new comic “Patient 33” will be released this weekend on the site. It will have several exclusive additional panels not found on anywhere else! I’ve very proud of this story and excited where my new writer, Barbie Lez, wants to take it.

Patient 33 getting busy with her lusty nurse!

Patient 33 getting busy with her lusty nurse!

In other updates I have an exciting new artist interview coming up with an AMAZING talented artist. A big influence of mine and I’m very excited to hear what they have to say! Check back soon for that.

More later