New release: Captain Maia-The Goblin Treasure

Here at Redrobot3D I’ve had the chance to meet and know a variety of clients. One of my long time clients, an erotica writer by the name of Teri-Minx has been a long time patreon of mine. I’m very proud to announce the release of a brand new collaboration between me and Teri-Minx with the title “Captain Maia-The Goblin Treasure“!

“The high seas can be a dangerous place, even more so now that the legendary scarlet pirate “Captain Maia” has set sail. Captain Maia, the bustiest, reddest haired vixen sailing the seven seas has found a massive trove of treasure on her latest expedition. Little does she know that she has some feisty stowaways on board!

After a short tryst with one of her peg-girls, Captain Maia retires for the night. Seeing their chance for escape, the goblin stowaways sneak out of their hiding place. However after glancing the pirate queen’s booty, they decide to show this captivating captain a thing or two about Goblin sexual ingenuity.

Hypnotizing Maia with their magical pre-cum, the two lusty goblins have their way with the voluptuous pretty pirate. Nothing is forbidden with this pirate. She lets the goblins fuck her mouth, pussy, and ass. Even taking a wine bottle up her salty cunt! Get ready to set sail with this new tantalizing title from Redrobot3D”

If you’re a fan of pirates, fantasy, and monster sex, then “Captain Maia: The Goblin Treasure” is for you!
Redrobot3D is proud to have worked with erotica fan-fiction writer Teri-minx on this project. Teri-minx is known for her super heroine and fantasy role playing stories and commissioned this original comic. To purchase this brand new comic for $9.99 press the buy button now!

What’s included
Number of images: 68
Image Size: 1900×1500 dpi
Image Quality: HD
Format: PDF