Moving into June

Hey everyone! I hope that your doing well and that the worse of the pandemic is behind you. With that in mind, lets get started on what I have coming up for June!

First up I wanted to share with you a series of commissions I did for a client off of Deviant art. You can find my gallery here for a lot of my mainstream 3DX images. Their assignment was a bit of on the more “unique” side to say the least. Here’s their image set below.

In case you missed it. I had two brand new comics released last month! Needless to say I was very busy and was pretty proud of them. If you’d like to check them out here are the covers.

What does a sexy professor do after class? What does that large dildo have to do with it? Find out in this hot masturbation tale!
The sexy professor is back and she has a lot of creative ways to burn those calories!

You can get both of these titles over on my Gumroad store. I’ve even dropped the price down on “Extracurricular Exhibitionist” to $4.99 cause its a kick off to a brand new series! I hope you like it as I have a lot of sexy stories I want to tell with Professor Mary Celeste Bonavenue!

I do have some other projects in the works for this month. Check back often here on Redrobot3D for updates and news. Until then have a great day!