Interspecies Communication Vol 1

The sci-fi erotica series now in one easy to read bundle!

Hey crew! First of all I want to thank all of you that checked out ‘Bio-Evil Project K9″ here on Redrobot3D. The comic was a moderate success (being that its hard to promote that type of genre online) and your support helped to push it past the goals I had for it. I may do another book in that genre later this month for you all.

That being said I wanted to announce the first collected volume of my best selling sci-fi erotica series “Interspecies Communcation”. This set contains issues 1-3 of the series.

The journey started with the title that started it all with “Interspecies Communication-The Specimen”. Nova, a researcher at a xeno-biology facility finds that the newest alien life form to be encountered by the Xenotype company doesn’t seem to want to communicate with the lead researcher. Nova decides to take the creature back to her quarters for a sexy one on one first contact session that finally allows for communication to be established. Mostly between her legs! (59 panels)

In “Interspecies Communication 2-Holographic Bliss” a sex straved crew-woman decides to test out the newest companion by the Xenotype company. The creature is the strong and silent type, but the two of them don’t do a lot of talking once their encounter begins! (66 panels)

Also included for the first time is an exclusive bonus 14 panel bonus set never released!

 Part 3 “The Stowaway”. A long range space hauler captain finds a stowaway about her freighter. What she believes at first is a troublesome pest turns out to be the best sex of her life! Will she be able to resist its sexual urges and get her cargo delivered on time? Or become another victim to its sexual advances? Find out in this sexy humor filled comic! (83 panels)

Stay tuned for further volumes in the “Interspecies communication” series from Redrobot3D. You can get pick up this bundle on my Gumroad store for only $16.99

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