Interspecies Communication-A Girl in every port

Hey crew! I got a brand new comic release for you all. The next issue in the on going sci-fi erotica series “Interspecies Communication 7”. Let’s dive in.

Redrobot3D proudly presents

“Interspecies Communication 7: A Girl in Every Port”.

                “Things can get lonely operating a Xeno-Corp shipping facility out on the outer-mid rim of the galaxy. You must make do with little to no company, slow intergalactic communication networks, and the finding creative ways to satisfy one’s sexual urges.

Manager Robi Caruso thought she had a pretty good thing with hot shot delivery pilot Becca Frydae.  Becca would show Robi a good time during their off hours with some intense girl on girl action in between trips. However, things aren’t meant to be when Becca decides to take on a new assignment working in the core worlds leaving Robi all by her lonesome.

                Robi, upset, first for finding out that Becca has just been using her for her body and facilities to save money, decides to find a way to keep her girlfriend from skipping town on her.

                Waiting down in the cargo hold is Becca’s next delivery. A custom made Xenotype model. The owner is paying top dollar for it be delivered on time with no interference. If something were to happen to the Xenotype before it got to intended home, it would come out of the pilot’s paycheck.

                Now with a means to keep her honey home, Robi decides to break in the Xenotype using her mouth, pussy and ass!

                Will Robi be able to keep Becca from running off on her, or will she just become another girl at port for the rambunctious pilot?   Find out in this exciting new issue! “

“Interspecies Communication 7: A Girl in Every Port” is the next chapter in the popular on-going sci-fi erotica series by artist and creator Redrobot3D. This on-going series features intense sexual themes that push the boundaries of erotic entertainment in the 3DX world. If you’re a fan of beautiful women and their multi-limbed alien lovers then this is the series for you. You can pick up this 92 panel PDF over at the Redrobot3D store for $11.99. After your purchase you’ll be given a link where to download the site. If you don’t get the link please email me and I’ll send you the PDF.

Special thanks to Chimera46 for his help on the script.