February Update

Things have been progressing steadily along here at Redrobot3D. A ton of the galleries are up and more will be coming soon.
We’re currently getting the brand new Redrobot3D store going. Hopefully sometime in March that will be up and running so you can purchase all my newest releases directly thru me.
This past month we saw the release of the newest chapter of Helen Black! Helen Black has quickly become a fan favorite and one of my most popular releases. Rest assure me and my writer Bella Sinns are working on the next amazing and erotica chapter of our young Vampire Heroine.
Coming up in March I have a brand new series debuting! If you a fan of busty pirate women, adventures on the high seas, and monster sex, then you’ll definitely want to keep on eye out for this one! More info coming soon as I finish up the project.
I have several commissions that I will be finishing up before moving to my next release. Expect an all new entry into the “Inter-species Communication” series, this time by author Camille Juteau! The amazing creator of “Tales of Hallow”.
If you haven’t already, please sign up for the new Redrobot3D newsletter. This monthly newsletter will have stories and updates about all the happenings here at the studio along with exclusive images! Here’s a preview of the mini set you’ll be getting with your first email! It’s a tasty treat for your inbox that’s for sure.
Have a great day and I’ll talk to you later!