Commission Guidelines & Rules

Redrobot3D Commission rule list


  • All pics are done in DAZ3D
  • Will do: Dickgirls, Tentacles, Light BDSM, Lesbian,, Pregnant, Beast (Private images only)
  • Won’t do: Furry, Scat, Male on Male, Extreme BDSM, Guro, Loli/Underage (must be age-ified). If there’s anything you’re unsure of me doing, just ask and we’ll see.
  • I do have the right to refuse a commission.
  • I have the right to post the complete commission online with a given username. If you want to be anonymous or if you want the commission to be private, let me know.
  • Payment must be made in advance through Paypal.


Base Pricing

  • $40 for each new character; $30 for previously done character
  • $20 for additional character (previously done only)
  • $15 per non-description male/background character


  • Cumshot variant: $10+ (Depends on messiness and number of characters)
  • Variant Pose: $15 one character + $10 per additional character
  • Detailed setting/background: $10+
  • Additional items (Tentacles, toys, etc) may vary


  • 10% off for $10 Patreon Supporters
  • 20% off for $20 Patreon Supporters

If you have any questions in regards to an order please contact me via the site. Thank you!