The Cara Lox Trilogy

Greetings crew! I want to announce that my “Cara Lox” 3DX comics are now available on Gumroad! Let’s break it down.

Cara Lox-Womb of the Dead

First up we have the title that started it all “Cara Lox-Womb of the Dead“! Cara Lox vs a gang of horny zombies! To see more info press the link below.

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Cara Lox-The Demon’s Kiss

Next up we have Cara’s second outing in the horror erotica sequel “Cara Lox-The Demon’s Kiss“. Cara Lox encounters a sexy demoness. For more info follow the link:

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Cara Lox-Magic Phallus/Captured Threesome Combo

Finally we have part 3 in “Cara Lox-Magic Phallus/Captured Threesome Combo“. This brand new release has the original “Magic Phallus” story bundled with an exclusive hardcore mini set “Captured Threesome“.

Cara has to take it in both her holes if she wants to get out of this alive!

Our heroine at the mercy of two horny and well hung mercenaries! How will our hapless heroine get out of this erotic situation? Find out in this combo package today!

This image set is only available as part of the “Magic Phallus” set. You get 2 image sets for the price of one! Just follow the link below.

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Remember if you’re a Cara Lox and would love to see her in some custom adventures please feel free to email me in regards. Also check out my patreon on how to get a discount on my gumroad store titles.