Cara Lox in “The Magic Phallus”

Redrobot3D Presents

“The Magic Phallus”

A Cara Lox Adventure

Rogue explorer and ancient relic hunter, Cara Lox, is on the trail of another long lost treasure. This time encountering a magical golden rod that is more than a match for her over active libido! Will Cara be able to withstand the pure sexual lust of this enchanted golden cock? Or will she fall prey to it’s uncontrollable power? Find out in this Redrobot3D exclusive mini comic!

This mini adventure was commissioned by a long time client of mine who was very enamored with Cara Lox and her amazing body. If you’re interested in having an original comic done of her or your own character please feel free to send us an email here at Redrobot3D. Enjoy!