Captain Maia Complete Sage

Ahoy mateys! I’m sailing at you with the complete collected edition of Captain Maia! If you’re a fan of high sailing across the seven seas then this 3DX collection will shiver your timbers!

Coming up first we have the story that started it all with “Captain Maia-The Goblin Treasure”!

First up we have “Captain Maia-The Goblin Treasure”.(68 panel)

 The high seas can be a dangerous place, even more so now that the legendary scarlet pirate “Captain Maia” has set sail

Captain Maia, the bustiest, reddest hair vixen sailing the seven seas has found a massive trove of treasure on her latest expedition. Little does she know that she has some feisty stowaways on board!

After a short tryst with one of her peg-girls, Captain Maia retires for the night. Seeing their chance for escape, the goblin stowaways sneak out of their hiding place. However after glancing at the pirate queen’s booty, they decide to show this captivating captain a thing or two about Goblin sexual ingenuity. 

Hypnotizing Maia with their magical pre-cum, the two lusty goblins have their way with the voluptuous pretty pirate. Nothing is forbidden with this pirate. She lets the goblins fuck her mouth, pussy, and ass. Even taking a wine bottle up her salty cunt! 

If you’re a fan of pirates, fantasy, and monster sex, then “Captain Maia: The Goblin Treasure” is for you!

Next up with have chapter 2 with “Captain Maia-The Genie“! (55 panels)

Captain Maia, the world renowned pirate queen, stumbles across what she believes to be her next big score. Following clues she discovers a gold lamp hidden inside a long lost catacomb. Thinking that she’s hit pay day, Maia retreats back to her cabin to learn more about her new prize.

Finding nothing out of the ordinary about the lamp, she rubs one side of it, releasing a long slumbering Genie! This Genie however isn’t one to grant wishes as she mesmerizes Maia with her captivating beauty. Maia is unable to resist the commands the Genie as she is ordered to give the Genie its first blow job in hundreds of years! 

Maia soon finds herself wanting nothing more than to be the sexual plaything of this all power entity. Will she be able to resist the Genie? Or will she be forever trapped in its world of lust and sex? Find out in “The Adventures of Captain Maia: The Genie”! 

Finally we have “Captain Maia-First Mate Follies” (67 Panel)

It’s been a rough time at sea for Captain Maia and her loyal crew. Captain Maia decides to treat her loyal crew to a night on the town after their latest haul.  However what seems to be a merry party of celebrating pirates turns out to be a key part in Capt. Maia’s next major high seas heist!

Returning from an undercover assignment, Maia’s first mate, Olga, has discovered the route of a massive treasure ship making its way back to Spain.  Upon seeing her trusted companion after many months away, Maia’s attention turns more towards her lover’s sexy body than Olga’s travel plans.

Deciding the wait until morning to discuss their next course of action, Maia and Olga get down and dirty with some rough lesbian sex in their room! Lots of licking, fisting, and fucking with massive toys are only the start of their evening. Once Maia removes Olga magical necklace, her true gift is revealed and the two of them have another go with some none stop futa fucking!”

“The Adventures of Captain Maia-First Mate Follies” is the third chapter in the Captain Maia series. Based on the works of author Teri Minx and art by 3DX bestselling artist Redrobot3D, “First Mate Follies” continues the high seas sexual adventure of this red haired raven and her lusty pirate crew!

Also included in the Gumroad exclusive set is a super rare story that is too hot for the mainstream 3DX store. “Captain Maia-Stud Service”! (23 panels)

When Captain Maia is paid to transport an award winning prize horse across the sea, she finds that the massive beast is claustrophobic!  What will Maia have to do to calm down the massive beast before it tears a hole through her hull? Keep reading to find out!

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