Brand New Release-“Ten Inch Piston”

Hey crew! I hope you all had a great thanksgiving and enjoying your Black Friday. I for one had to work the morning shift at my local Best Buy where I now work part time. It wasn’t as crazy as I thought it was going to be due to everything that is going on. But to get your minds off of things I have a brand new Futa-Themed title for you all. “Ten Inch Piston!”

Redrobot3D Proudly Present

“Ten Inch Piston”

Jill has a hankering to visit her local bike shop. Her neighborhood mechanic, Michelle, knows a thing or two about working with large tools.Waiting for the shop to close for the night, Jill walks in and asks Michelle if she has time for a full service look over. Seeing Jill in her tight, form fitting white lingerie, Michelle wastes no time getting out her renowned 10’’piece of woman meat she has tucked in her pants and fills the pipe of the sexy customer!

The two engage in rounds of hot, sweaty, passionate fucking on top of Michelle’s chopper. Showing that her bike is not only built for speed, but for loving to boot!  What kind of debauchery will these two get into that night? Find out in this amazing futa-loving title.

“Ten Inch Piston” is the newest release from best selling 3DX artist Redrobot3D. This set is light on story but heavy on action and features over 25 beautifully rendered multi-paneled shots. If you’re a fan of busty lovelies and their well hung futa lovers, then you’re going to get a blast with this set!

You can pick up this tantalizing erotica futa fantasy over on my Gumroad for only $9.99!

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