Bio-Evil: The Barn

Redrobot3d Presents

“Bio-Evil: The Barn”

Things aren’t looking good for Squirrel City Special Agent Eva Wang. Her partner  Jane St. Patrick has vanished after looking into a string of missing women cases in the surrounding area.

Picking up on a tip that Jane was last seen heading towards an old abandoned mansion in the woods, Eva heads out to find her friend.

Stumbling across a seemingly abandoned barn near the mansion, Eva heads in to investigate. However things are not as they appear as a lone horse seems to be living all by his lonesome. With an odd noise coming closer, Eva heads up to the barn’s loft to wait and see who is coming.

Before her stand a giant of a woman with pale beautiful skin, massive breasts, and soon to find out insatiable sexual appetite. She’s not in a mood for a man-thing, what she’s looking for walks on 4 legs and is eagerly awaiting her!

What happens next is a sight that Eva will never forget as the woman and beast engage in acts that are too taboo to be read but can only be seen to be believed! 

Will Eva be able to hold out while the tyrst happens below? Or will she be found out and forced to engage in unspeakable acts against nature? 

Find out in this next erotica chapter of “Bio-Evil!”

“Bio-Evil: The Barn” is the next chapter in the “The Mansion” series. If you’re a fan of hard core taboo action then this 40 panel fully texted 3DX comic will be for you. Rendered in 2k quality to bring you only the best in adult entertainment.

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Please note that this comic contains too hot from mainstream 3DX stores and is not suitable for all audiences. If you are against such material please do not purchase this title. You have been warned.