Bio-Evil Project K9

Redrobot3D Sneakily Presents

“Bio-Evil: Project K9”

“Jane St. Patrick wakes up in a mysterious Cumbrella testing facility. Naked, cold, alone in her cell. How she got there and what were the circumstances of her capture she does not know. What does the evil corporation want with her? She yells out for her jailors but gets no reply. Suddenly the door to her room opens. She turns in horror and sees a horrific beast in front of her. Its eyes drawn towards her naked flesh. She has no weapons, no place to hide from this monster as it approaches her. 

She crawls back on her bed, trying to get away from the hideous monstrosity. The creature’s head draws near, but catches a whiff of Jane’s scene from between her legs. Something else takes over the creature’s mind, a primal instinct that can’t be suppressed. 

What happens next will not only change Jane’s world, but offer her a chance of freedom from Cumbrella’s grasps. Maybe this creature is a victim of their greed and cruelty. Together they will form an unlikely partnership, one that could save both their lives….”

Bio-Evil:Project K9” is an exclusive title only available to Patreon and the Gumroad Store. You can pick it up for the low price of $12.99

Too hot and taboo for the mainstream 3DX stores, this title will both excite and horrify you with its graphics depictions of sex and erotica. Be warned this title is not for the faint of heart and if you are averse towards this type of content this  title is not for you!

This is even too hot for this site!

I can’t post a lot of previews here as the content would be a bit too much for my server provider. Needless to say that action in the comic is super hot! I know you’ll get a big kick out of it.

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Length: 93 panels with no text.