RedRobot 3D is a best selling  comic art studio. Specializing in digital comics, pin-ups, and erotica art entertainment.

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Who are we?

Redrobot3D aims to be the premiere in adult 3DX entertainment. Offering a wide variety of services ranging from original erotic based comics, storyboards, and written word stories.

Where did we come from?

Redrobot3D started out as one man operation in late 2008 after working in the traditional comics industry for two years. Finding 3D to be the next step in creative storytelling, Redrobot began his career first with private commissions before moving into full comic titles. With the release of “The Heist” in summer 2015 and followed by “Live Casters” soon after, Redrobot expanded with the additional of several up and coming erotica authors and designers.  Their new titles such as  “Helen Black Vampire Hunter”, “Tales of Hallow”, and “Inter species Communication” became best sellers on premiere sites such as Affect3D and Renderotica. Now incorporated into Redrobot3D, the creative team continues to push the boundaries in the emerging 3DX world.

What we offer

Redrobot3D offers original new monthly titles, mini sets, and pinups. Our titles range from sci-fi, horror, fantasy, and contemporary erotica genres. We also offer private original images, full comics, and written stories via commission. All communication are handled with discreet and professional service to ensure customer satisfaction.

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